Animal graffiti in Brussels

Nearly every empty accessible wall in cities tends to get covered in graffiti tags. However, every now and then someone comes along and does something a little different. They try to create a work of art, albeit illegal and often really upsetting the owner of the property affected. Walking around my local environs, here in Brussels I have noticed a lot of graffiti art depicting living creatures. The most prominent being the dinosaur skeletons outside the Natural History Museum. But there are numerous fish and fish skeletons painted very high up on walls in Brussels. There was also the elephant careering off the top of the National Library, the swimming crocodile on top of the tiled façade of C&A in Chausée d’Ixelles as well as other creations around the city. These have now been removed. My favourite being the sky diving fox, which led me to wonder how the artist managed to access his canvas.


Then I found out the artist is someone called Bonom. He was even featured on RTBF, the Belgian Broadcasting company. An excerpt from the video can be seen on this posit from the Laid Back blog. He uses some climbing techniques and describes the production of his paintings as like a dance as he swings to paint areas.


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