Bílý who? Bílý Potok! Czech Republic

Bílý Potok means white brook in Czech. It is a town in the Liberec District, North of Prague, close to the Polish border. We saw the rocks of Frýdlantské cimbuří  (Frýdlantské battlements) from the town and decided it would be great to hike up there.


This is the other stream. Guess what? This is called Černého  Potoka or Black Brook.Still climbing up through the trees.



Granite outcrop on the way up. There was a metal ladder leading to a view point on top.


Still climbing.


Frýdlantské cimbuří  (Frýdlantské battlements). Apparently first climbed in 1912. (900m)


Again. You can see the metal access ladder installed in 1978.


Trees damaged by pollution.


I love interesting rock formations.


Oh yes, I pretty partial to these as well.


We stayed at a camping site in the town, the chalets for rent were booked up, so we stayed in a large frame tent belonging to the owner. No time wasted erecting and dismantling our tent and it was much more spacious. The town itself was not what most would consider to be pretty. A lot of industrial decay in evidence. It does have its own railway connection though,


Czech observations through a car windscreen (Not closely observed trains.)

While driving the car along Czech roads, the discoveries came thick and fast.


Nearly all small roads were lined with orchard trees. The varieties were mainly apple and cherry trees.


Lots of places had their resident storks.


Solar power farms were being set up on former industrial sites.


Of course there were a few wind farms, but I don’t think they get a lot of wind.


Outside of the cities, villages and towns all had Public Address Systems on telegraph poles. We went through one village as it was broadcasting. Can someone tell me what they are used for?


The farms grew a wide variety of crops. Who knows what these thistle type plants are?


The Czech Republic has an extensive rail network. The trains may not be that new though.


It is not unusual to find deer grazing alongside the road.