Misty Mountain Hop

A companion post to Sunrise from a Welsh Castle on the VisitBritain SuperBlog. Look it up for more photos of misty valleys at sunrise.
Llangollen drowned in a sea of mist
The sun sinking in a blaze of red skies is the first clue. The second is hints of frost on the windows the next day. This is the cue to get climbing above the Vale of Llangollen, for a sight that has to be witnessed to be appreciated. The previous day’s sun has warmed the valley and pulled some moisture from the River Dee into the air. As it cooled overnight the this air became thick with mist filling the U shaped valley formed by a glacier in the last Ice Age.
Climb up high above the valley and the river of mist lit by the orange rays of the rising sun and just marvel at nature and the science of mist formation.

Before I sink like a Led Zeppelin. Here is the Misty Mountain Hop.

Getting ready to hop

[googlemaps width=640 height=480]

Getting there:
Train* to Ruabon then bus to Llangollen (every 10 minutes)

Somewhere to stay:
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